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James, Coaching Client

"I have been meeting with Michelle for nearly 6 months now, and the change in my mental outlook on work, and general performance, have improved greatly. Michelle applies logic to discussions, and focuses in on what the challenges are and how they can be solved. Always positive in her reinforcement, and open to any topic, Michelle has really helped me grow as a person, not just in my work role, and I will be forever thankful for that."

Katherine, Coaching Client

I've been meeting with Michelle for a few months now. In a relatively short time, she has helped me grow from a withdrawn, timid individual into an active and outgoing creative force.

Working ground-up from a place of trust, where I am able to be truly vulnerable, open, and honest with her and myself, Michelle has helped me address unhealthy perceptions and habits that  have been holding me back. Where before, I felt anxious and without direction, Michelle has guided me so that I could seize control, regain my footing, and begin to charge forward.

There have been times where I have gotten stuck or where I have regressed and fallen back into old ruts, but Michelle has always been a steady, outreached hand to help me back up. I am beyond grateful to her for giving me a safe space to face my fears, take a true look at myself and my motivations, and take on the work of changing into the person I want to be.

I highly recommend Michelle as a life coach: she challenges me to challenge myself, holds me accountable in my personal growth, supports me as I work to achieve my goals, and pushes me towards my true potential.

Melissa Lassor, Executive/Life Coach and Human Resource Consultant at Lassor Executive Coaching

"Michelle was my direct report from December 2005 through June 2014 advancing from Human Resource Manager to Director of Human Resources. During that time, she consistently demonstrated competence, rooted firmly in a solid Human Resource knowledge base. She quickly developed into a well-respected and well-rounded professional as she grew into and managed increasingly challenging and difficult roles for the firm. While her expertise and deep experience served the firm in a broad range of capacities – from the basics of compensation, benefits, and employee relations – her intuitive strength in the areas of mergers and acquisitions lent itself well to identifying and solving problems, creating stronger cultures and teams and building relationships. What differentiates Michelle from other HR professionals is her ability to connect with people and help them to identify and implement personal solutions which enable them to advance their careers, realize their potential and maximize their own effectiveness. Michelle is a well-respected and highly sought-after resource for all levels of staff. She truly puts the “human” in Human Resources."

Ray Walsh, CEO Market Force Information

"Michelle is an exceptionally gifted Human Resources professional who combines best-in-class, multi-national policy knowledge with the compassion and insight to human nature that I valued highly in her work at Mark Force Information. Able to shift from strategic to tactical with ease and always willing to provide input within and outside of her area of responsibility, a highly valued member of the executive team and held in high regard by all stakeholders in the firm. I would highly recommend her for any firm seeking to put this gifted professional to the most demanding role."

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