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Michelle C. Murray 

Embrace Purpose

I’ve always been people focused. I started my career in Human Resources, helping employees and organizations make the most of who they are and what they do. The strategist in me excelled at understanding people's strengths & motivators, and helping to place them in roles where they were best able to leverage their talents for the best of the organization,  while the idealist helped shape an engaging and rewarding workplace experience. But I realized I felt most alive and fulfilled when I was helping others find their true purpose.


I found joy in coaching executives and employees through challenging situations and difficult decisions. They couldn’t see that they often had the solutions they needed within themselves... but I could. My empathy and experience enabled me to help them see what they had and then act on it. In each case, their daring to trust their best instincts proved liberating, even transformational.


Today my practice focuses on helping individuals, teams, and organizations activate growth and take authentic action. I believe that every person has a unique inner spark – a talent, capability, or power – that can be unlocked and actualized through open-hearted dialogue, letting go of assumptions, and committing to necessary action. I provide an experienced-based, relational framework; create a safe space for self-discovery; and compassionately hold people accountable for taking positive steps towards fulfillment and their own true life purpose.

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